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I don't consider myself a perfectionist.  I have way too many flaws that I’m way too comfortable with to ever qualify for membership into the perfectionist club.  However, I do like for things to be “right.”  Mind you, right is a standard that only I can determine, and the level of “rightness” required differs depending on the subject.  My insistence that things meet a certain standard before they are deemed good enough or “ready” has blocked me from starting many things at which I perhaps could’ve excelled.

My liberation from this thinking came abruptly on November 4.  On this day, Gift Wraps was blessed to be featured as a local designer in Harlem's Fashion Row’s (HFR) 10th Anniversary event in Memphis, TN.  The event actually consisted of three different fashion experiences: Fashion for Breakfast, a brunch with Mikki Taylor; Mini-Fashion Conference with industry titans, and a Fashion Show featuring some of the most extraordinary local and NYC-based designers.

When founder of HFR, Brandice Daniel, called for local volunteers to help with planning and execution, I jumped at the chance.  At that point, I had no idea that our designs would be featured on the runway.  I just knew that I needed to be close enough to observe her hustle.  From afar, I’ve watched her transformation from homegirl to industry heavyweight, and she inspires me.  I’m such a fan.  Being a part of the planning process was a valuable education for me.   I was able to witness first hand, that circumstances don’t have to be perfect.  You just have to have the vision and tenacity to make what you have work.  Even hours before each event, details were still coming together.  Behind the scenes was a frenzy of coordinated last minute efforts.  While stage front, all the audience saw was a beautiful symphony of perfection and poise. 

That’s when it struck me.  Perfection is more of an action than an attainment.  I now realize that it is the unwavering pursuit of one’s own personal level of “rightness” and “readiness.”  It is a relentless “I will not allow obstacles to stop me” attitude.  It is owning your talents, and fearlessly presenting them to the world.  With this new insight, Kenya and I present you Gift Wraps- a labor of love adorned with the most beautiful imperfections you’ve ever seen.
Rochelle, IG: @aroundweighgirl