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The Founders

Get to Know the Founders     


Kenya Adjekum Bradshaw, Co-Founder of Gift Wraps; Chooser of Love; Defender of Justice


Kenya cares deeply. (Yes, that was meant to be the end of the sentence.)

One of her greatest gifts is her pure heart and her genuine concern for others. She never meets a stranger. She is a child whisperer. (Really- your kids will flock to her. It’s uncanny.) And she is a world traveler on a quest to experience the most beautiful gifts that the world has to offer. (One of these beautiful gifts happens to be her new hubby, Kenneth Kwame Adjekum who serves as our Chief Inspection Officer making sure we are bringing you the most amazing products and that each product is perfectly wrapped in LOVE.) Social activism is in her soul. She believes deeply that love conquers all, so her mission is to spread this message of education, love and acceptance equally through her professional and personal endeavors.

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Rochelle Griffin, Co-Founder of Gift Wraps; Lover of Laughter; Pursuer of Happiness


Rochelle’s greatest gift is her ability to see multiple perspectives and find the common ground in any situation. She possesses a boldness that comes across in her candor, as well as her style aesthetic. Mother of the most amazing 5 year-old the world has ever seen, much of her success can be attributed to her determination to surround herself with great women, to help her become a great woman, so she can raise a great woman.

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